Our Programs

It's through a variety of programs that we provide support to our Fort Wayne multicultural community. For more information, click on the links to be taken to additional pages.   

A note about access: All survivors of violence, regardless of citizenship, legal status, or tribal affiliation have the same access to services without the need to produce documentation of residency/citizenship. Amani assists survivors of violence that have Limited English Proficiency (LEP), are Deaf, or are hard of hearing. Amani will not use children or other family members to interpret because it is not a best practice and it can compromise safety.

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Family Support

Family is a key component of every community; Amani Family Services provides two kinds of Family Support Services to the community: Intervention and Prevention

All services are provided with the awareness of the rich cultural and personal strengths each individual and family brings as they partner to work with Amani towards their goals. 


Victim Care

Understanding systems and finding resources after a victimization is a difficult challenge.  Amani walks with immigrant victims in making sure that their needs are met in a professional and timely manner. This is done through interpretation, help with filling out forms, court accompaniment, and victim advocacy.



Community Support

Amani's programs for community support create opportunities for connection and support. This allows avenues for discussion around emotions and experiences common to relocating to America. Assistance in developing an action plan for wellness, education in recognizing when extra support might be necessary, and empowerment for individuals are all a part of community support.

Free mental health services are offered in an array of languages providing opportunity for discussion around relocating to this community in addition to educating and assisting individuals on their overall well-being. Substance use support groups and adjustment groups are provided as well.