The Amani Journey

How we STarted...

In August 2005, Saneta Maiko, Ph.D., an ordained clergy from Kenya received an inspiration to start an organization known as Crime Victim Shalom Restoration Services (CVSRS) which later on became Crime Victim Care of Allen County (CVC) in 2006. CVC was initially founded to help immigrant and non English speaking people in Fort Wayne and Allen County cope with falling victim to a crime. That scope, however, later was expanded to support all  refugees and immigrants struggling with addictions, cultural adjustment, parenting skills, mental health, child abuse and neglect, new US laws, educational system, criminal justice system and immigration matters.

Through CVC, a non-profit entity, immigrant and non-English speaking population can receive parenting education, counseling, assistance with the criminal justice system, court accompaniment, assistance with completing the Crime Victims Compensation application, home based case management via short term and long term support, awareness on stalking, bullying, dating, domestic and sexual violence. CVC provides addiction support to court ordered clients with linguistic and cultural barriers. CVC also conducts cultural awareness, sensitivity and competency conferences and workshops to service providers.

Who We Are today...

Today we are Amani Family Services. The name Amani Family Services provides a strong opportunity to emphasize multicultural family services with a word, “amani,” which means peace in Kiswahili and aspirations or wishes in Arabic. It is also a recognition of the language spoken by the founder Dr. Saneta Maiko originally from Kenya.

Amani Family Services is a private nonprofit organization serving more than 1,400 families and individuals annually from around the world who have made Allen County their home. It’s one of the largest nonprofit agencies serving immigrants and refugees in the area, offering 3 programs, and employing around 45 multilingual staff members and contractors. Amani Family Services has updated its mission and vision as well:


We partner with immigrant and refugee families and the community to promote safety, encourage personal growth, and foster a spirit of belonging. 

Immigrant and refugee families and the community working together to build a secure, vibrant, and cohesive society.