Victim Care Program


Through the Victim Care Program, we offer culturally sensitive services to victims of crime. We offer information about different options and support your decisions. We will accompany you to court, answer questions, assist in filling out forms, help with protective orders, and help find resources. Throughout this process we will work with qualified interpreters to ensure that your voice is heard. There is no cost for services provided through the Victim Care Program at Amani Family Services. For any questions or to apply for services call 260-484-1414 or visit us at our office at 5104 N Clinton St.


  • Provide support for victims of crime

  • Offer victims information

  • Provide emotional support

  • Help victims find resources

  • Help victims fill out paperwork

  • Provide accompaniment to court

  • Help with protective orders

  • Help with victim compensation application

  • Help with impact statements

  • Contact social service agencies to get help for victims

  • Intervene with creditors, landlords, and employers on behalf of victims

  • Help victims find shelter

  • Provide referrals for other services for victims

 WHAT: Victim advocacy and referral services for immigrants, refugees, and non-English speaking victims of all crimes)

WHO: Clients who need support after experiencing a victimization

REFERRAL PROCEDURE: Call Shannon at 260-484-1414 to set up a meeting time