Individual Support

Free one-on-one support for immigrants and refugees experiencing:

  • Relationship or family challenges
  • Parenting or child discipline concerns
  • Emotional distress
  • Career development or change
  • Coping with loss or life adjustments
  • Stress 
  • Difficulty with time management 
  • Addiction recovery
  • Cultural concerns & more!

Community Support Groups

Free group support for immigrant and refugees offered in various languages to discuss relocation, wellness, and cultural adjustment.

  • Connect with others and gain support
  • Discuss common emotions and experiences related to international relocation  
  • Develop an action plan for wellness & healing
  • Understand U.S. views on wellness
  • Recognize when extra support may be needed
  • Learn self-advocacy &  sustainable wellness practices
  • Addiction recovery


Susan Johnston
Counseling Coordinator 
260.484.1414 * 19 



 Información sobre Amani Family Services

We partner with immigrant and refugee families and the community to promote safety, encourage growth, and foster a spirit of belonging. 

Immigrant and refugee families and the community working together to build a secure, vibrant, and cohesive society.