Individual Support

Free one-on-one support for immigrants and refugees experiencing:

  • Relationship or family challenges
  • Parenting or child discipline concerns
  • Emotional distress
  • Career development or change
  • Coping with loss or life adjustments
  • Stress 
  • Difficulty with time management 
  • Addiction recovery
  • Cultural concerns & more!

Community Support Groups

Free group support for immigrant and refugees offered in various languages to discuss relocation, wellness, and cultural adjustment.

  • Connect with others and gain support
  • Discuss common emotions and experiences related to international relocation  
  • Develop an action plan for wellness & healing
  • Understand U.S. views on wellness
  • Recognize when extra support may be needed
  • Learn self-advocacy &  sustainable wellness practices
  • Addiction recovery


Ewelina Connolly
Clinical Director 
260.484.1414 ext. 39 



 Información sobre Amani Family Services

We partner with immigrant and refugee families and the community to promote safety, encourage growth, and foster a spirit of belonging. 

Immigrant and refugee families and the community working together to build a secure, vibrant, and cohesive society.