Community Support Program


The primary focus of the Amani Community Support Program (CSP) is to provide immigrant and refugee families from around the world with access to culturally sensitive counseling and support services. CSP connects individuals and families to quality resources at Amani, partner agencies, and other community organizations.

In CSP, a strength based approach and foundation of respect, cultural humility, and teamwork are essential in assisting and supporting immigrant and refugee individuals and families in reaching their goals. Mental health symptoms, systemic grief and loss, trauma, and daily stressors of migration, adjustment, communication, employment, or changes in family or support system are worked on as a team with the individual or family.     

Substance abuse support groups are also provided in CSP and encourage peer support for adjustment challenges, in addition to providing education and resources for healthy changes. Group members attend to fulfill a part of the probation requirements. With the assistance of qualified interpreters, groups are offered in members’ primary languages. Amani is the only provider of substance use support groups for refugees.

WHAT: Multicultural mental health services including assessments, counseling, substance use support groups, and adjustment groups.

WHO: Immigrant and refugee families or individuals who need access to culturally sensitive counseling and support services.

REFERRAL PROCEDURE: Individuals and families are referred from local agencies and organizations, self-referral, the probation process, and other programs at Amani. Please contact Ewelina Connolly for the referral.

CSP Community Services

Community Support Counseling

  • Mental health screenings for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD

  • Individual, couple, and family counseling

  • Community adjustment groups

  • Referrals to community resources, partner agencies, and other providers

  • Advocacy in partnership with families

  • Group education/workshops

Substance use Group Support

  • Individual, family, and group support

  • Peer support and fellowship

  • Assistance with adjustment challenges

  • Help with understanding probation

  • Group education/workshops

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Community activity/learning opportunities with peers

How are services provided?

CSP is grant funded to provide support through financial assistance from St. Joseph Community Health Foundation, The Lutheran Foundation, United Way of Allen County, Three Rivers Federal Credit Union, Parkview Community Health Improvement, and low weekly fees for court mandated substance abuse services.

Families are referred from local agencies and organizations, self-referral, the probation process, and other programs at Amani. CSP services are provided by a team of professionally trained language interpreters and experienced cultural brokers, a credentialed substance abuse professional, a substance abuse group assistant, licensed therapists, therapists in the process of licensure, and qualified masters-level counseling interns from accredited Indiana colleges, as well as through referrals to the IPFW Community Counseling Center.

CSP History

In 2014, CSP began as the Family Mentoring Program began with sole funding from the Lutheran Foundation. Through collaborations with the IPFW Community Counseling Center and working with families in the mentoring program, we realized that many immigrant and refugee families were dealing with much more difficult issues than could be resolved by peer-to-peer mentoring. Families in the program had experienced significant grief and loss and trauma and required professional mental health care. To address family and community needs in a more comprehensive way, the mentoring program further developed into the Community Support Program (CSP) in 2015.

CSP now offers more comprehensive mental health services for immigrant and refugee families in the community. In addition to providing individual, family, and group counseling for families working to adapt to life in the United States, CSP facilitates adult and adolescent adjustment groups and substance abuse support groups for court ordered probation clients. In 2016, Amani became a United Way partner and received additional funding for CSP.